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Commonly asked questions

  • What Companies will COVID Ventures Invest in?

    COVID Ventures will invest in any solution that will help the world fight COVID-19. To highlight areas of interest, this includes telemedicine, lab testing, diagnostics, social determinants of health, healthcare support services, and medical supply chain services.

  • What Amount of Funding does COVID Ventures Plan to Raise?

    COVID Ventures plans to raise an initial fund of $10 million from approximately 100 physicians investing $100K each.

  • Can I use my 401(k) or IRA to Invest?

    Yes. Many of our physicians invest using an IRA/401(k).

  • What is COVID Venture’s Funding Model?

    Our fund model includes assigning a medical advisor who is a limited partner to each of these startups. The General Partner of the fund is Fruit Street Health, which pioneered the idea of digital health startups being funded by hundreds of physicians rather than a VC firm. Fruit Street originally developed a telemedicine software product, then a diabetes prevention program, and newly, CovidMD.

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