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An innovative ally in urgent times.

CovidMD is a risk assessment, triage, and telemedicine platform created to keep you informed during the COVID-19 (AKA “Coronavirus”) pandemic. Accessible online or via a smartphone app, CovidMD is a trustworthy and easily accessible source of information about your COVID-19 risk. All it takes is a 1-minute online assessment to start getting personalized medical advice or to connect with a doctor via video chat.

How CovidMD works

  • Take Our Free Risk Assessment

    Take Our Free Risk Assessment

    Developed with CDC data, our 1-minute questionnaire looks at things like recent travel, medical history, and possible symptoms to determine your risk level.

  • Get Your Results

    Get Your Results

    After your risk level is determined, you will be able to video chat with doctor for a telemedicine appointment.

  • Stay Safe, Informed, and at Home

    Stay Safe, Informed, and at Home

    Higher-risk participants may receive follow up information, including details about testing. No matter the risk level, CovidMD provides users with personalized insights and medical guidance regarding COVID-19.